Holy Jumping Jurassic! Check out these incredible animatronic dinos


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Dinosaurs wouldn’t stand a chance against Australia’s modern wildlife.


Just think of the barbecue opportunities, though.


Put your money where your mouth is!


Looks like these were made by Creature Technology, the amazing folks behind Walking with Dinosaurs and the surprisingly awesome How to Train Your Dragon live arena show.


Animatronics? Pffft. I’ll be impressed by the real ones, maybe.


I only liked dinosaurs before they sold out and went extinct. Plus, these ones aren’t even steampunk. And not a unicycle in sight! Actually, there is one dinosaur I enjoy. It’s pretty underground. You probably haven’t heard of it. And…where’s everyone going? Please. Don’t. I’m ever so lonely.


These ones don’t even eat people!


24 hours? Where the hell are you flying from, Iceland? LAX->Melbourne tops out at 16 hours…


It’s all fun and games until the Chaos Principle kicks in and these robots gain AI consciousness and go on the rampage.


InB4 somebody squawks about the lack of feathers.



Well squawked!


Ever see a cassowary?


Ahem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birds_of_Australia

Don’t we already have Universal animatronic theme parks with [outdated depictions of] dinosaurs in them? I seem to recall some stuff in LA when we visited in October 2013. And some in Disneyland, though I gather that’s being shut down. (Which makes me a bit sad.)

This I would have liked to see. I did get to see some of the Walking with Dinosaurs stuff when it came up here, but all the really big animatronics apparently had to remain in storage. We don’t have very many big buildings up here.

There was also some bearded weirdo shouting and handing out crappy pamphlets about how dinosaurs didn’t exist and even if they did it was because they’re the tools of the devil or some such at children in line. I think security had words with him.

Animatronics are fun. But an eagle up close is intimidating. Unlike a penguin. (Unless it gets really close.)

Also intimidating: Grus canadensis. They are way larger than they look from a distance. They’re also loud honkers. (I do miss being in Homer for that, sometimes.)

If Michael Crichton hadn’t been in such a state of fear he could have written Westmesozoicworld as a follow-up to Lost World.

I was busy.


One of the dinosaurs from the exhibition was given a trial run in real-world conditions a few weeks ago:


Do you mean the wonderfully ancient “Primeval World” diorama you see from the railway? I certainly hope it’s not going away.


Tell that to the Aboriginal Australians, and the gringos in Alice Springs.


I know a Happy Mutant who once was tasked with repairing a Thagomizer in that display.


I’d heard something to the effect it was. I’ll see if I can dig up the details.