50 life-size animatronic robot dinosaurs are going up for auction

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Do not tell a certain child about to have his 4th birthday.


Oh damn! I just bought a bunch of brand-new ones!


Robot dinosaurs doing my bidding!!!



Do tell a certain host of a show on HBO who has a collection of wax presidents and (at least) one piece of rat erotica.


I’m waiting for the upgraded version you walk on a leash though I expect it would not be well received by chihuahua’s .

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Whenever I do single track mountain biking I think about how cool it would be to have animatronic features along the trail. I always envisioned a few animatronic skeletons on the porch of an old shack playing in a jug band. These dinosaurs would be pretty nice too.


I thought some of these animatronics might be from the first company I ever worked for - Dinamation in Irvine, CA - as they went bankrupt in the 90s, and their dinos ended up EVERYWHERE (I even saw a few in Singapore back in 2010). None of these look as up to snuff as those ones did, which were, admittedly, not great to begin with…

OH come on, man. Get a small one. You would be parent of the year!!!

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This is the perfect opportunity for someone to make a sequel to the 1994 movie Tammy and the T-Rex, in which Tammy (Denise Richards) discovers that her boyfriend (Paul Walker)'s brain has been implanted into a robot dinosaur. According to Wikipedia, the movie was made by someone who had access to an animatronic dinosaur for two weeks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tammy_and_the_T-Rex


FTA: " Apparently Dinoking Tech, Inc. also owned the only collection of artifacts for display from the Titanic wreck as well."

Forget the dinos, man! When do the place settings from the Titanic go up for auction?

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Hey, I toured that place once with a group of college students in the ‘90s! I remember the owner talking about how in some ways the Jurassic Park films actually hurt business because the action in those films raised kids’ expectations of dinosaur speed and realism to levels that could not be met by a reasonably-priced mall or museum animatronic.


That was probably Chris Mays. Nice man - but that entire operation was pretty hinky, and in retrospect, probably it was some sort of a money laundering thing. First design job i was ever laid off from too! Learned the hard way about the necessity of having people who have your back in high positions at work. Anyway, here’s me with Bob Bakker pretending to fight a robot Dilophosaurus at a trade show… https://www.instagram.com/p/B43nOfnAUT9


Dang, I remember when this was a big deal at the San Diego Wild Animal Park - they turned part of it into dino-land with all these life-size animated (though tied to one spot) dinos. Probably these because how many life-size animatronic T-Rexes are there?

Then we never saw them again, which is probably why they’re being auctioned off now.


Animatronic dinosaurs?


Looks like ready-Robin was waiting for an anxious T-Rex… and Batman is the one who played Cupid.


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