Teenage Vandals Were Sentenced to Read Books. Here’s What One Learned


Thank you, hadn’t heard about that. Can’t say myself whether it was a good or a bad idea. Arguments on both sides are good…

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Thanks. Seemed like a story people here would find interesting. Are you aware of another way to go about bringing things like this up with the editors? Postings to the forum like this—which I’ve done a couple of times—get overtaken by comments for the front page stories and drop out of sight pretty much instantly.

There’s this, but I don’t know how often submitted links end up as stories.

Some commenters expressed various forms of “reading shouldn’t be punishment”, but I think they’re missing the point. The sentences were not punishment, but an all-too-rare attempt at rehabilitation. The attempt seems to have worked, which is more than can usually be said for the blinkered punishment approach.


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