Teens migrate from Facebook to a Youtube video's comment-section (funny)




You can't stop the gossip train smile


That's brilliant.


I love this video. It is funny, but like all great humor, it contains a bit of truth. I laugh because there is something true about the tools people that we need to pay closer attention to. I'm thinking Forrest Gump, but something more than serendipity.

Note: I deleted part of the post because I think it was being misunderstood. Sorry, my fault. I was just trying to raise the awareness of what can be tracked, which is probably what was confusing.


how long until they find a way to bank with it?


Wow. I think there must be some kind of quantum entanglement going on with Mitch Wagner. (Or just the theory of large numbers) Last night I had a dream in which I was talking to Mitch Wagner on the phone! I hadn't communicated with him since 2007!

I was trapped in Asia and wanted to get the word out about where I was and he tracked me down since I was in a mysterious plane crash(!) but couldn't access my twitter feed via my phone. He called me on another person's phone and got the story out.


Cute, but I had more fun reading the "Top News" scroll at the bottom of the screen.


There you go, just creepy enough to stop all teen activity on this thread.


My teenaged kids don't even check -- let alone use -- Facebook or email anymore. Text or Snapchat are the best choices to get their attention, followed by Instagram. And yes, YouTube. Which is why another mother and I laughed our way through a recent "parent talk" at the high school, which featured some guy who wrote a book about teens and social media; he was teaching us, straight-faced, that we needed to watch for signs such as our kids typing "POS" meaning "parent over shoulder". We were almost rolling in the aisles it was so ridiculous.


Did anyone see who Becky was hanging out with at lunch today OMGOMGOMG!


She is such a total slut! I saw her last Monday flirting with Brandon, you know, the blonde guy with the missing teeth, gross!!! LOLOLOL


The best part of all this is the comments that are popping up on the actual "Slow Motion Night Footage of Adult Male Deer Running"


My preference in social networks would be ones that keep away the "marketers trying to gain engagement" in favor of real people not trying to sell anything. Slogan: "No Engagement Unless A Marriage Will Follow!"


Love the blog post story. Those girls are proving pretty thoroughly that parental blocks on kids will never work, and they weren't even really trying.


You think you're so clever, don't you? Those dishes won't do themselves, missy.


Yes. The video was posted yesterday though, so I guess someone at The Onion put it up. +1 Deer


Just like secrets concerts. Yeah you want to interact, but not with the world, just "your" people.  By the time other folks have clued in --you're gone and on to the next venue.

And marketers? Kiss of death.


It really is like he is talking a completely different language, you know, that one where networking is only viewed from the point of targeted advertising. Maybe I'm being unfair and projecting my ennui at all things corporate on to his post.

I've just reread craigoda's comment and I think I was right first time.

I've stopped posting on youtube since they started demand I set up a channel.

Edit: Now I'm consumed with doubt. Maybe craigoda's comment went full Poe and I've missed the point? Darn you comments sections and my gnawing self doubt.


Could be a well thought-out example of Poetry. Since we both can't decide, it must qualify. The last sentence really ties it together.


This reminds me of the early days of "file sharing" where an open web ftp site would be found and a deeply nested folder used to hold those special files. The Unix sites that allowed high speed ftp-to-ftp transfers were cherished and rarely shared. This was the era of dial-up - before Napster, before Megaupload, etc. but after dial-up secret boards.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.