Tell Congress to legalize unlocking your phone



Are you kidding? This congress can’t pass anything, no matter how obviously reasonable. You could introduce a non-binding resolution that puppies are cute and the Tea Party would block it because Obama probably likes puppies.

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Are you kidding? This congress can’t pass anything, no matter how obviously reasonable.

So, yeah, anyway, I’ll tell Congress to legalize unlocking phones. They may not listen as well as we’d like them to (and that’s a huge problem), but they do listen when we bother to make our views as citizens known. It’s how things like SOPA were kept at bay, etc.

There’s also the option to call, by the way.

To make even more of an impact, call your Senators directly and tell them to support the bill! Call the Senate switchboard and ask for your state’s representatives: (202) 224-3121.


Sigh. It’s fun to try, and even better if they have a flackey send back a response, but whether it changes anything…who knows.

whether it changes anything…who knows.

When enough people contact them, it often does. This is quantifiable as it’s happened many times before. I understand the skepticism considering how little average Americans feel represented by their government especially after things like the Citizens United ruling, but it really does still make a difference. We are still somewhat of a representative democracy in this republic and it’s foolhardy to not utilize what we have left of it.


I still have a Galaxy Nexus, and I unlocked it to install Cyanogenmod 11; so basically, does this mean that I’m a criminal?

If I am, alert the authorities; so is Wil Wheaton.

BTW, if any of the rest of you are stuck with a GNex for a few months–I got mine after it was a year old, so I am–installing CM11 is definitely worth it imho. It’s not quite like a new phone, but that’s not much of an exaggeration.

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Oh, understood. However, I always seem to be on the losing side of the letters I write to Congress, but that may be more a function of what my issue selection than Congress’ ability to affect change.

I’m in the same boat, phonewise, so I might take your advice. Although, given that I use my phone for a great many tasks, I’m a little bit hesitant to go that route for fear of failure/crashing/problems/etc.

Edit: Naturally, as soon as I finished typing that sentence, my phone decided to restart itself. It knows!


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