Senate passes phone unlocking bill




It’s a small step for the Senate…


What the hell? Were the lobbyists asleep? Somebody is so fired.


Isn’t it illegal but unenforced in the US?


Way back when I was still with Verizon, I went to one of their stores and asked to buy a data cable, when asked why, I told them the truth, I planed on jail breaking the operation system, they told me it was illegal, I told them to screw off it’s my phone, they had no response.

This is the first step toward a more consumer friendly mobile market here in the states, now that a person doesn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars or sign up to huge contracts for a “free” new phone, providers might actually start having to provide good service and competitive rates. Oh who am I kidding, all this is going to do is get some iPhones on Tracfone.


It would appear that, in the UK, Three are offering free unlocking of phones, and selling new ones unlocked.

You can go to to unlock a three phone; You need a Three sim, but there is a link on the page to order a free PAYG sim to use if you don’t have one.

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