Senate passes phone unlocking bill


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It’s a small step for the Senate…

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What the hell? Were the lobbyists asleep? Somebody is so fired.


Isn’t it illegal but unenforced in the US?

Way back when I was still with Verizon, I went to one of their stores and asked to buy a data cable, when asked why, I told them the truth, I planed on jail breaking the operation system, they told me it was illegal, I told them to screw off it’s my phone, they had no response.

This is the first step toward a more consumer friendly mobile market here in the states, now that a person doesn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars or sign up to huge contracts for a “free” new phone, providers might actually start having to provide good service and competitive rates. Oh who am I kidding, all this is going to do is get some iPhones on Tracfone.

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It would appear that, in the UK, Three are offering free unlocking of phones, and selling new ones unlocked.

You can go to to unlock a three phone; You need a Three sim, but there is a link on the page to order a free PAYG sim to use if you don’t have one.

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