Ten years after Juneau ditched water fluoridation, kids racked up an average of $300/each in extra dental bills


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Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?


In topics like this, I’m thankful that the leadership of the John Birch Society barely knows how to turn on one of those newfangled TV-with-a-typewriter gizmos, let alone how to deploy astroturfing trolls.

Also, for the geeks out there:


I was eating lunch, but just reading this made me lose my apatite.


Last I checked, Portland, OR also does not fluoridate… not good.


Ah HA! This is “too perfect”, and so it just proves how deep the fluoridation plot goes-- they even sabotaged people’s teeth to try and bring fluoridation back!


You only have to brush the ones you wanna keep.” My dear ole’ uncle Fritz, he was a keeper.


Yeah? Of what? :grimacing:


You can still keep 'em in jar, I suppose.


In before “but but it calcifies your pineal gland” or some other nonsense. Or am I? haven’t read the comments yet.


Damn General Ripper lied to me!


And brush them too. Yeah.


“A town stopped fluoridating its water supply. Here’s what happened to its childrens’ teeth.”

Someone call Chubbyemu.


Or maybe it’s their vaccines that are causing these cavities?


No, that’s autism. Fluoride causes communist hive-mind. Get your conspiracies straight!


In all seriousness, too much fluoride is also bad for teeth-- makes them discolored and in some cases damages them. A friend of mine lives in a town with no fluoridation and he gives his kids these fluoride chewable pills. I don’t know how strong they are, but I think topical application of fluoride is better for you than ingesting it.


I see step one is complete.

1) Initial conspiracy theory: fluoride is a government plot!
2) Next conspiracy theory: fillings are a government plot!
3) Next conspiracy theory: teeth are a government plot!
4) Next conspiracy theory: your head is a government plot!
5) Major positive political realignment in the US.


I’m sure they’ll be following up with studies on frequency and seriousness of osteoporosis and other skeletal issues, right?

Or maybe the ADA and ACS won’t pay for those?