Pseudoscientific terror ended fluoridation in Calgary, now kids' teeth are rotting

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Wow. More brain dead Americans just waiting for Jesus to save them from a liberal/scientist conspiracy to poison the water and turn everyone into obedient slaves. Great “jerb”, “morans”. I guess you can still sing the Star Spangled Banner and drink beer with a few less teeth. I just wish we had more common sense like the people in Ca-

Wait. Where… where exactly is Calgary, again?

Uh, gee, look at the time. I think I need to return a phone call to my mom and walk the dog…


I hate to spoil your

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People are dumb.


@enso elsewhere just disagreed with the same claim from me. Maybe he knows more than we do, and could say why we are wrong despite the overwhelming evidence everywhere.

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They do call Alberta the Texas of Canada…


Well, when there’s only 13 provinces, all of them have to be the something of someplace multiple times over, if you’re talking about someplace in the US.

Which one is the Hawaii? (I guess it could have been the Turks and Caicos…?)


What will also be interesting to see is what happens to rates of heart disease in this population. The motivating factor for fluoridation of water was to reduce the damage done to the heart muscle caused by bacteria colonies in diseased gums and cavities.


I think I’ve always lived in places with fluoridated water, except for a couple of years in upstate New York when we were on well water. My wife grew up in Salt Lake City where they didn’t start fluoridating the local water until 2003 - because precious bodily fluids.

She worked with a woman in Salt Lake whose pre-school age son had horribly decayed teeth, which their dentist attributed to the lack of fluoridation in the city water supply. I don’t know if that’s the actual reason but apparently it was pretty common there.


There is a lot of cowboy hats there, the few times I visited. I was pretty surprised until I realized it’s right above Montana.

(To be fair, Edmonton was better than Calgary)

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To be fair, I assume the anti-fluoridation people don’t dispute that it prevents cavities.

The more important question is, have fewer kids been turned gay, or whatever it is that these dipshits blamed on fluoridation?


Fluoridation is important for dental health. The people who opposed it are obviously idiots. Only about 45% of Canadians have access to fluoridated water, so there’s a nice opportunity to collect data on health differences between fluoridated water an unfluoridated. Probably we’ll find that fluoridated water correlates to better dental health, and better dental health correlates to better overall health. We’ll all shake our heads because this is what we suspected all along, and the anti-fluoridaters will reject the data because its all part of the Big Fluoride conspiracy.

I read the study, and I’m not convinced that it shows what they say it does. But it might! But possibly not. The group that did this study also did a separate study that considered whether differences in the two communities might have led to this difference. They concluded that the differences did not significantly impact the outcomes. There is another Canadian study that follows a different community post fluoride-cessation and does not find a noticeable difference in cavity rates.

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How about instead of medicating the water you teach your goddamn kids how to brush their fucking teeth. Stop drinking fucking fruit juice and soda pop. (Stop swishing it around in your fucking mountain dew mouth.) Someone link Cory to the Harvard reports.


Wait… what do you think is in toothpaste?


Thanks for the shot of logic. I’m glad I was able to see it before it gets soiled by the inevitable replies reasoning we should be forced to drink and bathe in whatever crap the white coats say we should because SCIENCE!

Edit: Ugh, too late…


Not in my toothpaste - because I have a choice of which to use.
Remember “choice”? :slight_smile:


And wash our hands and treat our sewage and get our smallpox vaccinations. Because science.


I know, it’s disgusting. I have to leave my drinking water out in an open kiddy swimming pool in order to restore the natural occurring mold, bacteria, paramecium, and other helpful parasites that the water company removes.

Um - hello? We didn’t walk around for a million years on earth with out these things in our water NATURALLY!

And don’t even get me started on IODIZED SALT. I mean the put it right on the label! Hello? It’s a poison!

As soon as I get my dowsing rods in the mail and my orgone generator up and running, I am going to dig a well so I can access water untampered with.


Ten provinces, three territories.