Pseudoscientific terror ended fluoridation in Calgary, now kids' teeth are rotting


You remember - Ted Cruz’s birthplace.


“You’re technically correct - the best kind of correct!”


Better than that - I’m pedantically correct.



It was more that you weren’t superior just because you think people are dumb because they don’t agree with your opinions or preferences. Yes, some people are legitimately stupid. Some people also like Apple products, which you think makes them stupid. Those aren’t the same kind of “stupid” to most folks.


Don’t you mean the red coated commies?


I had no intention to reply after skimming the content and nodding in agreement until after I finished and moved to the next article. Much to my amusement was the title “5 reasons you should avoid using microwaves” or some such rubbish in the sponsored advertisement section. I’m not opposed to advertising but many times it seems like the exact pseudo-science mumbo jumbo which is fiercely decried on this site is also funding it.

Here are some particularly choice lines from the link “Incredibly, the de-polarizing and magnetizing of the food you’re microwaving can actually cause you to become dumber, decreasing your intelligence, memory, or focus.”

Curiouser and curiouser!


That’s because using an ad network is literally abdicating responsibility and control over the content on your website, in exchange for a buck or two.

Seriously, I will continue using decent adblock and script blocking until such a time as content creators advertized things they actually choose to. Rather than letting a script with access to obscene amounts of data about the visitors, written by some codemonkey working for the commercial equivalent of the NSA decided what’s most “relevant”.


[quote=“Jase_Panic, post:14, topic:74001”]
How about instead of medicating the water you teach your goddamn kids how to brush their fucking teeth.


The same people who use homeopathic remedies for everything without any awareness of the irony.


One is pretty obviously better than the other… To the point that it’s probably not okay to pick one of them for your children, since the other exists.


No, but banning fluoridation has been linked to playing hockey less. So the number of teeth per capita has remained steady.


Man, that iodine. Messes with your brain. YOUR BRAIN!


Hey! That’s not very nice. I’ll have you know that we Texans are…sigh…Look, Florida!


Like the choice you have whether or not to create public health problems by spreading your brainless pseudoscientific bullshit because you can’t get over your own selfish need for validation and rub together two of the neurons nature bestowed you.


Too many in Toronto need to hear about this study :confused:


Most of you on this forum probably never got smallpox vaccinations. Why is that? Oh, yeah, because the world got together and vaccinated virtually everyone on the planet and now the disease is no longer a threat to humans anywhere. Boo-yah!


Shirley you mean the Bavaria of Canada.


Yeah, the Flintstone car is obviously better, unless your children are moderately insecure middle-aged men. Even then it’d be a toss-up.


If Alberta is the Texas of Canada, Edmonton is Austin.