Pseudoscientific terror ended fluoridation in Calgary, now kids' teeth are rotting

Huh. I’ve always understood the debate over fluoride being on systemic v. oral delivery, not in the efficacy or safety of fluoride itself. We use a water filter that, in addition to our city’s excessive chlorine, also removes fluoride and in the manual explains that fluoride is important for dental health and to be sure to switch to a fluoridated toothpaste.

Have I somehow gone years being insulated from the uber-crazy fluoride claims?


Utah…ugh. Lived there for far too long and glad to be out of there.

What is the advertisement section you mention?

Praise the FSM for adblocking and script blocking extensions!


Remember “improving public health by maximizing topical dental exposure to fluoride”? :slightly_smiling:


True, but I am old and have a pretty impressive scar on my upper arm that is great for scaring children. “Your face could look like this, kid.”


No one here should pay any serious attention to the concern of someone who thinks “medicating” is the same as adding a trace mineral that literally strengthens teeth.

We don’t “medicate” water any more than we “medicate” milk by adding vitamin D. Nearly everyone has a mild vitamin D deficiency, but rickets used to be common until children were given food with more vitamin d on a regular basis. It’s not medicine, it’s a cod damned nutritional additive.


“Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century” = HYPERBOLE!!! and Propaganda!!!

For people that like videos FluorideActionNetwork

And those book lovers:The Fluoride Deception

You are mistaking cause for effect. They are coming to different conclusions BECAUSE they are dumb, not vice versa.

That’s why we have the pseudoscience woo, the terrornoia, the security kabuki and other annoyances, and why we don’t have easy availability of service manuals, stuff composition, and it is more often than not difficult to find what is inside a device before buying it.

Make it most people.

Supporting closed ecosystems and walled gardens with insane app aproval restrictions is incredibly short-sighted.

See the shenanigans the Fruit is doing with the Bluetooth beacons, for example.

Two different flavors of stupid. Still, stupid.

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Read you toothpaste label. Toxic. Do not swallow.
I assume you gargle all your water then spit it out?

You know what you can put into the water? Education.
Focus on educating the masses not dumbing them down.
What is the correct dose for my toddler? And for grandpa?
How do I measure that out? Right… Drink up my friend.

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Fluoridated minds have little folders full of gifs.
Sorry freedom to choose what people want to put in their bodies is a
fucking joke to you. It’s like prisoners policing themselves.

The concentration needed for topical application is higher than what’s useful for systemic application. Also, table salt is toxic in high dose, water can kill you if you drink too much at once, and there’s a plethora of trace elements that you need in tiny amounts but that will kill you in small amounts.

Would be a good idea. You may like to get some.

There’s education and there’s “education”.

Aim at the area between “too little” and “too much”. Often it is a pretty wide range.

Informative, or just ridiculing those with the “wrong” opinion?

You can buy distilled water. Won’t be too healthy for you, though.


Good news! According to the measurements that are required to be public from our local water supply, there is enough naturally occurring fluoride that it’s not an issue!

Bad news: There’s a lot of lead in the water too.

God damn it.


Yes, they are a damned conspiracy of elites, those human beings who collectively work with data and hash out the interpretation to reach a consensus built on a foundation of knowledge.


Ever eat soup?

Ever time travel back to medieval Europe when women spent all day grinding grain into flour to bake bread in the evening? Little bits of millstone would get baked into the bread, along with whatever traces of lead(!) that abrided into the food, because that was the material handy for fixing your millstone, which was among the most expensive possessions in a family’s household.

But hey, nobody added any fluoride to anything. Remember that?


Keep in mind folks - this is not the naturally found mineral element. This is chemical
waste from corporate factories, that is deemed too toxic to dump anywhere.
They’ve sold it back to you and are dumping it in your water.
We need to move forward in the world. Stop buying into corporate lies. It’s about choice. The food and water is poisoned enough. If you’re concerned about the kids - do something better about it.
Horizontal bullying is the worst. Prisoners policing themselves.

And you can filter it right back out with your handy strawman!


I knew a guy whose mom liked to drink Jim Beam and distilled water. Not exactly for me, but I like her style.


People who don’t trust what they’ve been told are idiots. People who blindly assume their best interests are being looked after, are idiots. People who assume their drinking water is safe, just because it lacks flouride, are idiots.People who drink flouride without wondering if it might be bad for them, are idiots. People who assume flouride is bad for them just because it’s a waste byproduct from the manufacture of aluminum, and is insanely difficult to dispose of safely… are idiots.

People are idiots.