Infowars relaunches YouTube channel one day after Susan Wojcicki takes action to reduce extremist content

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The important thing is that they found a way to get back in the newscycle for 15 seconds, all while giving themselves a year of headlines about their voices being stifled by media companies.


Not only is it true that fluoride in water decreases IQ, I also have proof that Alex Jones drinks a lot of fluoride.


Of course he drinks his Macho Man™ brand 100% pure, non-NGO (but non-organic) nootropic Fluoride Strength Serum. He sells it, after all.


There was a high-profile study recently that suggests it is possible that children exposed to higher levels of fluoride when they were fetuses score a few points lower on IQ tests than children who were exposed to lower levels in utero. But this is obviously not the same as claiming “fluoride in water is lowering IQ”! Fluoridated water is still safe to drink (and good for your teeth), but pregnant people planning to give birth might want to consider avoiding it during their pregnancy, for the sake of their fetus, just as they might want to avoid coffee or weed.

(And Alex Jones can go fuck himself. There is something seriously wrong with him.)


And Alex Jones


Conspiracy theories from Dr Strangelove, a media channel called The War Room.
Does anyone have tape of Alex Jones using the phrase “Purity of Essence?”
We gotta make sure Trump doesn’t give him the launch codes!


… He doesn’t drink only grain alcohol and rainwater to protect his precious bodily fluids?? /rimshot


Maybe they need to rebrand it? “Peace Room.”

“No no no no, we aren’t ‘InfoWars’ anymore. We are ‘InfoPeace’! Who could possibly have a problem with peace? Ban them! Not us! They hate peace!”



I missed that. Dear lord, another thing pregnant women need to avoid? “I can’t believe you’re drinking tap water while you’re six months pregnant.”


I feel like the fact they were willing to go after Lizzo, of all people, should tell me something about their priorities and what they think their audience is like, but the more I think about it the more confused I become.

How many Alex Jones fans will have watched a performance by a rising hip-hop star who is also a black woman? Or is the assumption that Jones’ fans definitely won’t have watched, making her a perfect target for two minute’s hate?


No doubt. This is a black woman who recently closed her amazing NPR concert with the following:

I just want everyone to remember, if you can love me you can love yourself, every single day. If you can love my big black ass at this tiny, tiny little desk, you can love yourself.

That message is anathema to Jones, who plays on his audience’s self-loathing and insecurity. It’s exactly what he doesn’t want them hearing.


ignoring their noise, I have always wondered why we must add something to water that is technically NOT 100% healthy, only to help protect the really stupid lazy people because anyone can have kids with no obligation to raise them properly - I mean we only do this for kids, adults better be brushing their teeth especially after their first cavity/rootcanal?

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Name this band:

I think my fave is “Flock of Sieg Heils.”


Fluoride is safer than air travel.

The benchmark of “technically NOT 100% healthy” is true of everything on the planet Earth, including not putting fluoride in water.

Protecting the most vulnerable in society is easy, safe, and it’s cheaper, too.


…one of the big the reasons it’s a society. Otherwise it’s everyone only for themselves per the GOP.

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Oh? And what’s the alternative? Forced sterilizations? Rounding up people YOU decide isn’t “smart” enough to breed and putting them in camps? Fuck ALL that. That’s eugenics and it’s not good for humanity. IQ is not genetic and human worth isn’t tied to intelligence.


Water can come from a variety of sources, such as lakes and wells, which can be contaminated with germs that can make people sick. Germs can also contaminate water as it travels through miles of piping to get to a community. To prevent contamination with germs, water companies add a disinfectant—usually either chlorine or chloramine 1—that kills disease-causing germs such as Salmonella , Campylobacter , and norovirus.

I’ll take the risk.


On top of that we found out about floride in water from places where it was occurring naturally. In some places they have to remove it as there is too much. As with all things in life the dose makes the poison.


I shall name my own poison, if you don’t mind.

Vacation rules apply.