"Tendril perversion": when one loop of a coil goes the other way


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Nobel laureate spots Turkish banknote error

My OCD alarm went off just looking at the picture.


That vine needs to be properly re-curled. Immediately.


This article is about the geometric phenomenon. For the pornographic genre, see tentacle erotica.

is one of the better wikipedia disambiguation statements I’ve seen.


I think that’s a little inaccurate.

The actual quote tells a slightly different story…

So, if you look at the coil in the picture, the left half has a left-handed chirality, and the right half has a right-handed chirality. It’s not just “one kinked loop” - the whole coil has reversed the direction in which it’s coiled.


There are two vine-type plants, and if memory serves, they might be bittersweet and woodbine. I’m not sure.

One coils left-handed, and, alone, it will twist up into big twisty ropes. The other coils right-handed. In the last century, it was traditional to plant them together. Neither one could overcome the other, and they ended up in big pretty chaotic clouds of tangle.

I wish I had a citation. My ex planted them in our garden once.


"The fragrant honeysuckle spirals clockwise to the sun,
And many other creepers do the same.
But some climb anti-clockwise, the bindweed does, for one,
Or Convolvulus, to give her proper name."


so many phone cords have lost the fight and have succumbed to such perversions.


Oriental bittersweet vine? Burn it, burn it with fire! Before it’s too late!


This made me wonder about DNA …


I dontwanttolookidontwanttolook! It’s making my brain itch!!!


Yea, that’s them!



I’m pretty sure the term is already taken.

(Hey, I found one that wasn’t NSFW!)


That squid does have a grade-A squint! I like him already.


Just came here to comment “something, something, tentacle porn”


If you didn’t experience an eye twitch immediately followed by a furtive glance at the phone sitting on the desk next to you I envy you.

Brb. Gonna check all the phone cords in the building.


I immediately glanced over at my (work) phone!


No, no! They were manufactured that way!


SO how do you undo this?
I’ve been trying for a long time.

Maybe I will need forced symmetry closure applied to the tendril with maximum
energy while expending infinite overall force.