Tentaclebots have finally arrived


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Made me think of Dr Oc.


You know that the researchers just buy these bulk from Bad Dragon, right?


Pretty sure several Hentai fans will be VERY happy now.


How firmly can it hold onto a fat cock? I’m asking for a friend…


I, for one, welcome our new Cthulhoid robot overlords!


They’ve had these in Japan for decades.


I want to see a prosthetic hand with five of these on it.


In completely unrelated news, Japanese sex bot makers promise a new model release in the coming months.


There goes my chance of getting a good night’s sleep.


How about a real hand?


Mine too. Mrrowr.


Mechanically this is old hat, effects guys have made tentacles for generations. I had a kid working for me in the early 90’s who had actually patented a tentacle “robotic arm” he did in design school, but he had no interface. The question is how smart is the device. what kind of sensorium does it have, and how well does it respond to feedback?


Yeah right … gripping … that’s exactly what they will be used for.


I don’t feel like this is new. I think I’ve seen thing something similar before. Would be more impressed if it actually had infinite degrees of freedom in an infinite number of joints (or approximately) like a real tentacle. Instead this effectively a fancy party favors that unroll when you blow into them and roll back up after.


I was all up for fantasy but when the rolled up magazine bit at 30 seconds happened… wrong kind of robot reference!!


I’ve always thought that pneumatics mada more sense than stepper motors for grasping because what you really want to control is the pressure, (strong enough not to drop it, but soft enough not to crush it) rather than the position of the manipulator.


That’s tentacular!

(I’ve always wanted an excuse to say that; proof all things come to those who wait.)



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