Dr. Octopus getting real with this robotic contraption


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/31/dr-octopus-getting-real-with.html


Just not going to go there.

Just going to let those comments sit right there and pass them by.


Another step closer to the dream of wearing a tentacle suit…for, like stuff.
You know. stuff?



Very neat. But what the heck is the third attachment meant to be? (thinking the commenters above have the right end of the stick, ahem…)


I will!
Is it sign I have been on the internet too long that rule 34 came to mind pretty quickly for me?


Amongst my first thoughts were, “That’s going to be an awkward emergency room visit”


I remember engineering school! My projects were that stupid too!



So… this looks like a fun gimmick that even the original creators probably don’t think is going to really catch on, but I wonder if anyone has actually explored the idea of using this system to control prostheses for people who are actually MISSING one or both arms?


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