What would you do with a third or fourth thumb?

Who says prosthetics have to conform to existing human anatomy?

"For her graduate work at the Royal College of Art, Dani Clode created a wearable third thumb that can help its user carry more objects, squeeze lemons or play complex chords on the guitar.

The Third Thumb is a motorized, controllable extra digit, designed for anyone who wants to extend their natural abilities.

A student of the school’s product design masters, Clode created the device as a way to challenge conventional ideas about prosthetics – usually thought of as devices only for people with disabilities."

Redefining our extremities could open up a whole new world of ideas…


TBH, it’s kind of freaking me out a little! Still, it’s a neat idea.

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When I was a lad pushing an idiot stick for a living, one of the other ditch-diggers had three fingers and two thumbs on both hands. Played a mean bass guitar, but was sadly kind of stupid.

Both the “extra” thumbs and the regular ones were long and slender like fingers but opposed like thumbs.

What would you do with a third or fourth thumb?

I don’t know, it’s not clear. I need guidance - some kind of rule …


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