Doublehand: a robotic pair of hands you control with two fingers


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This will take groping to a new level.



Hopefully his next model won’t cost 1800 euros.


If this increases quality and availability and decreases the cost for those who really need prosthetics, I like it.


And I thought nail trimming was a chore now!

In other news, this is neat and all, but still a long way from waldoes.

Wake me when the fingers terminate in atomic force microscopes.


Pretty great, I guess.
However, they appear to only have the grip strength of those two fingers.
How’s a person gonna’ open jars.


Not enough hands




Neat. Prior art:


Seems like a good opportunity to remind folks about e-NABLED 3D printed hands for kids :slight_smile:

Seems like the e-nable community is still going strong.


Waiters around the world who cater to large tables rejoice…


Right up there with the Gut Begone



I am shocked there’s no masturbation jokes here yet.


Rule 34 implemented in 3…2…1…


Sorry, I was at the range with friends.


"Come on down to Big Jay’s Discount Handy J Emporium, home of the Big Double Handy J. Our patented technology means we can service twice as many clients in the same amount of time. Ask about The Quad, America’s only 4 Hand Handy J. And if you come in during the month of December, get a double punch on your Frequent Jerk Membership card.

"You bust your ass all week, so come treat yourself and let Big Jay’s help you bust a nut.

:musical_note: “Big Jay’s Discount Handy J’s - working smarter, not harder.” :musical_note:


So gross. And hilarious.


I watched that video from beginning to end and didn’t see the robohands pick up anything. I suspect they’re both flimsy and not particularly dexterous


Guess this would help picking up leaves every fall? oh wait…