Interview with young man about his 3D printed prosthetic hand




You can always count on those Gryffindor kids to exceed expectations.


Truly, a wonderful thing!


When much of our technology ends up weaponized or is designed with profit as the main concern this is just great to see and read about. What a cool thing to have your dad help design your hand! Good for all involved! An arms maker of the highest order!


We know where this arms race leads:



instead of weird stares get awesome questions about their robot hands

Or get weird stares at their Renfaire Dr. Who cosplay.


3D-printed hand, scarf, cape, and, seriously?! His name is Peregrine Hawthorne! It’s way too much awesome.

#9 covered this story twice so far this year:

  1. Interview with Jen Owen, a core member of the now 500+ e-NABLE community

  2. Authored article by Peregrine Hawthorn, the lad in the photo of this article


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