Third Thumb: an opposable prosthetic enhancement


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Third Thumb? I’m going all the way with the “all thumbs” version.


Oh come on. Tell the truth. You’d use it to crack eggs, I’ll bet. Just like that toy in your bedside table is a shoulder massager.



How did I ever get along with 5?


So you control it with pressure sensors in your feet?

What happens when the guy that is carrying one extra wine glass actually wants to take them somewhere? That’s not going to end well…

I don’t necessarily see the function yet, I still find this very cool. I’m convinced this will be useful some way not too far from now!


Who’s got two thumbs and want another one?


How much harder would it be to start trying to surgically mod existing pinkies into a second opposable appendage. I mean, I’m not really using mine (except for the shift/ctrl key…)



When I was a kid, the solution for extra fingers was they cut them off…


How did we manage before now?


I, for one, welcome our transition to a base eleven number system :exclamation:


Having dislocated both pinkies badly, mine resemble mini-thumbs, without any of the annoying dexterity!


Hmm. If extra thumbs were that much of an advantage, wouldn’t we already have them?

Also, the first thing that popped up in my head was this:

(Minner Burris, the space explorer who was captured and surgically altered by aliens.)

  1. This is really cool.

  2. I can already do most of that stuff with my pinky.


If only HST could have lived to see this day.


Beat me to it…what Happy Mutant wouldn’t want two of these?


How’s about two extra arms?


Prosthetics are supposed to be replacements for missing body parts. Wouldn’t this device be more accurately described as an augmentation?


I’m for a third eye. To be worn on my forehead.
Immersed in liquid in a small glass jar.


Koala’s have 2 thumbs on each paw, or is just the front paws.