This prosthetic thumb shows you what it's like to have two thumbs on one hand


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I, for one, welcome our new six fingered transhuman overlords.


there’s a glitch in the matrix:


Better revise this.


is it bad I’m immediately thinking of porn applications for stuff like this?


so when somebdy says they’re “all thumbs” what are they really saying?


I wouldn’t oppose that.



I watched the video. All those things can easily be done with one hand. Unless of course you are missing a thumb.



I knew a guy with thumbs on both sides of his hands, and no pinkie fingers.

He was not the cleverest fellow I ever met. But a decent enough guy, and he played a mean bass guitar.


I knew a guy with a wooden leg named Smith.


What was his name?


That reminds me of the two thumb hands the Neo-Sapiens had on Exo Squad. Hah!


This was one of the enhancements Dr. Frankenstein made to his creature in the film “Frankenstein Unbound.”


If anything what this shows me is how well designed the human body is. As is.

For such a well designed prototype, you’d think they would have figured out a good use case first. My thoughts: texting with one hand, and grabbing small rodents like an eagle claw,.


With this…we could take over the world!



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