Terrence Malick's latest film looks beautiful and sad, surprising absolutely no one

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That looks intense.

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The editorial pacing of Music Videos starting with MTV has ruined Malick films for all generations that follow. /overgeneralization

I have the good fortune to go to places that look like the ones in this film. It is really beautiful there. (Though a little scary for someone who has trouble with heights.)

Does anyone recognize the music? It sounds to me like the 2nd movement of Gorecki’s third symphony.

First thing that came to mind: it’s happening all over again. People may have to make choises like this again.


That’s just ridiculous, people are very strange these days.

I see the cinematographer this time around is James Newton Howard though the filming style looks almost identical to Emmanuel Lubezki’s Malick films, I wish them the best on this project.


YouTube essayist Patrick H Willems just released a video about Terrence Malick’s evolution as a film maker.

Because of that video, I will make an extra effort to go and see A Hidden Life and hopefully help to push it a small way towards making its budget back.

Malick’s version of The Thin Red Line is still at #1 in my list of all-time best war movies.

Our family came out of Tree of Life thinking we had watched three different movies - I’d be disappointed if a Malick movie didn’t have that effect.

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