Terror on Amtrak: a slow, not-friendly, screaming, laughing, smiling, lady with no name tag


Ah, you evidently made the rookie mistake of assuming that food on British trains is intended for human consumption.

Amazingly, it is now much better than it used to be:

From the Meaning of Liff:

A British Rail sandwich which has been kept soft by being regularly washed and resealed in clingfilm.


Our “alternative transportation coordinator” who doesn’t live in the city but commutes by car! won’t let anybody see what’s going on with the scammy Amtrak station site selection process which has climbed to an improbably projected cost of $81 million. Since we are talking about Amtrak and redacting. From the article:

“One page of an email from a Federal Railroad Administration official offering feedback on the city’s draft alternatives analysis. The city of Ann Arbor heavily redacted the email before providing a copy to The Ann Arbor News under the Freedom of Information Act, saying the ability of officials to engage in frank communications outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

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