Terror on Amtrak: a slow, not-friendly, screaming, laughing, smiling, lady with no name tag


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I take the Keystone line from Lancaster, PA -> NY Penn Station. You wouldn’t believe how pissed off passengers get when they find out that there’s no food service car on that line.


It’s only a rare occasion, maybe one trip in 5, where my Amtrak trip doesn’t involve some kind of problem for which there is an apology on the PA system. I imagine the once proud culture that once defined the rails, and it makes me sad.


Terror on Amtrak: a slow, not-friendly, screaming, laughing, smiling, lady with no name tag

Perhaps its an elaborate pitch for a lovecraftian horror movie?


If you ever inquire, the conductors blame it on politicians in Harrisburg. Somehow, that tends to shutdown the complaints.


I’m thinking you can apply that line to at least a dozen Doctor Who episodes.



Ticket To Ride : Cthulhu Edition




RES.# [Redacted]


Having had many trips on Amtrak on the east coast, I’ve found that most of the time I can get something reasonably worth eating at the cafe car. In contrast, the one long rail trip I’ve taken in the UK (London - Edinborough) was very different. Shortly after the train began moving, people all around us hopped up and began streaming down the aisle.

Within a half hour, they had picked the train clean of all but one package of “crisps” and a “ploughman’s sandwich”. In case you’re wondering, that is a fat slice of raw onion between two pieces of white bread. I still have nightmares.


Redacted, Amtrak, Shame!


a slow, not-friendly, screaming, laughing, smiling, lady with no name tag

Perfect definition of my first marriage. Thanks for the painful memory…


Took an Amtrak Train up the west coast.

Took my toddler son to the bathroom so he could pee. As he did he business in the metal train toilet, he complained that it hurt to pee. Great. Poor guy gets a UTI on vacation.

I reached out to him to feel if he had a fever. Got an electric shock!

As he peed into the metal toilet, the electric charge was traveling up the stream.

Worst vacation ever. Hell train ride.


That’s some Twin Peaks level shit, there.


Hmmm, my only terror on Amtrak involved a 14 hour ride, an assigned seat, a car full of barely supervised children (who played cartoon DVDs without headphones all night), a bathroom with a toilet that became more non-functional and malodorous with each passing hour (children had been playing there, too), and a conductor who conveniently went missing after checking tickets.

When it was time to disembark the next day, the doors to the car behind mine opened, revealing a group of elderly adults (who all looked perfectly rested). I’ll bet my redacted complaint is somewhere in their files…


someone actually went to the trouble of reading ONE HUNDRED TWELVE pages of this blacked out stuff? eeek.


Be seeing you.


Change it to lady with an ID badge with no name, whose picture is her without a face.