Tesla's demon-haunted cars in Irma's path get a temporary battery-life boost


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While these are rather, umm raunchy and have a certain 15 year old vibe RCR does some extremely honest reviewing of cars. Obviously no Model 3 yet, but they did have a P85.


Can’t view video a MPOW. Though I’m not sure how to compare a $90,000 car to a $36,000 car.


Seems on topic for ‘demons haunted technology’ since the capability is on the card but you need to buy unlockers for it. I can be more forgiving for these guys since it’s a niche product so they want to get it out to as many people as possible, so selling features does allow them to recoup cost, plus it’s a small company so they are going off thin margins anyway.

I dunno. Seems like a good bit of debate to be had.


AFAIK Tesla buy in Panasonic cells, even if the factory is a joint venture. Also, other auto makers are now using liquid cooled cell arrays.


To be absolutely clear Blyton does not go into the exact relationship between Noddy and Big Ears. It’s just as well because the Blyton universe is too uncomfortable to expose modern children to it. At least, however, unlike Mickey Mouse neither of them is obviously a Yakuza. The means of propulsion of the Noddy car is never stated; it never needs refuelling but electricity doesn’t feature noticeably in the Blyton world either. I suspect it runs on simple violation of the First Law.


You are correct that Blyton was coy on the exact nature of their relationship. Nevertheless, my characterisation of their relationship as a “friendship” does not preclude the possibility that there were other benefits.


They don’t compare them directly. They are two separate reviews done at different times. But generally, you might compare an expensive car to an inexpensive car by saying something like “The Porsche Turbo S is a much better performance car than a Honda Civic, but then, at 8 times the price it would want to be.” For example they note that the Bolt is not as fast as a Tesla, but is still pretty zippy. They are pretty dismissive of the cheap-seeming interior of the Bolt.


For some reason I am sure that when I was a child it was obviously a wind-up car. I thought there was even a storyline about someone (a goblin?) stealing the key so Noddy couldn’t go anywhere.

As far as I can tell that is just something I made up.


Speaking of ‘benefits’, I was rather disturbed to find out that Noddy gets round his initial lack of money by essentially prostituting himself to buy milk. The milkman, Mr Milko (of course), is so fascinated by Noddy’s nodding head that he offers to give Noddy free milk if Noddy will let him tap Noddy’s head to watch it bob up and down.

An odd fetish perhaps but each to his own.



I love the page-shot where the police are shaking down the elves for money. Noddy and Big Ears look on approvingly.


"This monotonously infantile character, who is frequently heard to say that he doesn’t like being sensible but would far rather be silly, seems to have been put together from the weakest and least desirable attributes of childhood. It is hard to explain the persistent popularity of these trivial, repetitive stories with their small, retarded, masochistic hero.

Fisher — Who’s Who in Children’s Literature? ©1975"


Well, they were either car thieves or TWOCing. Not entirely clear which.

No separation of powers in Toytown apparently. The police fine the goblins rather than putting them in front of the judge - although they do have one. He rules on whether Noddy is a proper toy in the first book.

Bit of a fascist dystopia (or eutopia I suppose).

Strong borders and immigration controls. On-the-spot fines for criminal activity. I think Noddy may actually be the inspiration for most of UKIP and Tory party policy.


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