Tetanus is good for children


Excluding the costs of air transportation, inpatient rehabilitation and ambulatory follow-ups, inpatient charges for the boy totaled $811,929.

Damn. Googling things, a Td shot (Tetanus and diphteria) costs ~$50 in the US.

But despite “extensive review of the risks and benefits of tetanus vaccination by physicians,” the boy’s parents declined a second dose of the tetanus-fighting medication and “any other recommended immunizations.”

Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with these morons? “Congrats, your kid had to spend eight weeks in treatment because you didn’t vaccinate him. How about we fix that now?” “Nope, we feel like taking our chances!”

I know it’s unethical and all, but I kinda wish the doctors had given the kid the full vaccination regimen without telling the asshole parents.


They knew how to stitch a wound - so they’ve had some medical or higher level first aid training. They’ve seen Dr.’s - the Internet exists - and they had extensive education from health care professionals during this long scary hospitalization.

They’re child abusers.


I called them fucking barbarians elsewhere, but that works, too.


If the kid privately asked their doctors to be vaccinated, would it still be unethical? I’m guessing a 6-year-old is considered too young to give informed consent…


You are correct and the docs a/o nurses could and with parents like this probably would be charged with assault criminally as well as civil liability, not to mention losing our license to practice. Yeah, not many of us would go there.


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