Texas Airbnb host arrested for recording 2,100 images of guests naked and having sex

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Christ, what a creepy asshole.

Makes me think I should check my room that thoroughly every time I stay overnight somewhere. :grimacing:

Reminds me of that documentary about a guy who claimed he did this, but it turned out he was scamming the filmmaker into making a film about him. Can’t remember its title though. :confused:


At some point hotels.com started listing entire houses, cabins, and other properties too. Ok, cool, it would be nice to get something where we don’t have to worry quite as much about waking up the people in the next room when we’re playing.

Then I start looking at one of the potential listings … "4WD recommended in Winter … The homeowner lives on-site, in a separate home, and may be present during your stay … When the local snowmobile trail is open the trail comes right to the cabin.Well my goodness, doesn’t that have “Murder Cabin” written all over it? Looking at an aerial photo, this is literally a tiny cabin in someone’s backyard, less than 25 meters away from the owner’s house. No. Just, no.

I wonder how many cameras that cabin has in it?



Yeah, I’ve got to imagine that due to sheer quantity, the short-term rental market just doesn’t have the oversight it may have had earlier on when people were sus about it. Now people rent just about anything, and nobody seems to care (until crap like this crops up). Granted, there were always some freaky hotels getting caught peeping, too. But I’m finding myself leaning more toward long-running inns or locally-owned hotels, trying to balance sustaining local economies against the overall creep factor of whatever AirBnB kicks up.




As soon as video cameras got cheap enough that consumer-level spy cameras were a thing, i was reading about tenants finding cameras landlords had installed in long-term rentals. The existence of short-term rentals must have made the problem so much worse, as furnished dwellings make it easier to hide cameras (and occupants won’t be there long enough to notice them), and the creep has more frequent access to the camera to maintain it between renters. Hotels I would imagine don’t lend themselves to this kind of dynamic as much, regulation aside, just because the number of people involved (working there).


Ah, right! Thanks.

Now i remember that a big part of the story, and a sort of funny one, was how much Talese got drawn in by this weird scammer.


Allee told one of the guests to “be comfortable, we don’t care if you are in your pjs or nude.”

If any host told me that my first task would be to sit down at my laptop and find another booking. And not in the nude.


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