Texas's terrible new abortion regulation is a con aimed at low-information/anti-abortion voters


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And yet, the “pro-lifers” (I’m gagging even saying that) refuse to take care of the children after they are born.


Good news for Republicans:

Lead and fracking chemicals in drinking water will mean more Republicans down the road.


Conversely, if a mother dies in childbirth, she will now be classified as “medical waste” and denied cremation or burial.

Fun fact: The maternal death rate in Texas is at an all-time high.


Mostly blacks and Mexicans and they don’t count as Real Texans to the people who run things down there.


Texas’s terrible new abortion regulation is a con aimed at low-information/anti-abortion voters

Yes, it is TEXAS.


Meanwhile, in Ohio


Texas also revoked $350 million in medicare for pediatric therapy because the lawmakers don’t give a shit about children either. They also don’t care about low taxes above all else because they refuse government money on a regular basis for GOP bullshit and have to lean heavier on property taxes. The only consistent policy they have is social homogeneity and the GOP winning elections at all levels.


As Randi Rhodes says, “They love the fetus, hate the child”.


50% of all fertilized eggs fail to implant and die.


That women is a god damn national treasure.



And a good number of the ones that do implant end in miscarriage before the woman even knows she’s pregnant.


Yeah, I mean this is stupid and wrong on several levels and all but that’s the law that I expected to win the outrage shitshow sweepstakes.


Enough that it raises the US rate to the worst in the industrialized world, by far, and while the maternal death rate for the rest of the world is getting better, it’s still getting worse in Texas. It’s now about 15 times higher than, say, Italy’s, or 8 times higher than Maine’s. Fun!


Rarely is the term “ill-conceived” so appropriate to describe a law although it’s getting disturbingly more common all the time.


I’m sure the funeral directors are happy.


Too bad we can’t prosecute these legislators for practicing medicine without a license.
After all, they appear to be doing just that.
Even insurance companies will make an attempt at having someone at least minimally medically qualified in deciding such outcomes.


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