Thankfully streaming services offer 'Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot'


I don’t think Johnny Sokko or The Space Giants ever made it to the Greater Boston television market. Ultraman and Johnny Quest were big here.


And for the record: There is NOTHING better than a Dick Tracy watch.




I remember waking up in 1978 in a hospital bed, having just had my tonsils removed, to that same theme music playing on the TV in the kiddie ward. The minty-rubbery taste of ether lingering on my breath, I vomited blood into a kidney shaped steel pan before passing out again. When I woke up again, the animated Spider Man was on ("…Does whatever a spider can!"). They gave me some ice cold 7-Up, and it felt caustic going down.


There is no room in the drug culture for amateurs.


This is true.


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