Check out this footage of a retro Ultraman video game

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Ultraman, you say?

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I think I played this on a Super Nintendo back in the 90’s. It was okay.

I fell in love with Ultraman as a kid when they started showing episodes on the afternoon kids show. Only in recent years have I found out how many various Ultraman series there are. I bought a few of the series on Blu-Ray, but I gave up on collecting them because there are just too many.

There are a couple games on Steam that include Ultraman in the roster of giant brawlers, but I wish there was an Ultraman-centric game and not just having him as a DLC character.


The Shout Factory app has a lot of different Ultraman shows on my TV streaming device, including the original Ultra-Q, but they are in Japanese. Still fun to watch!

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I was really into the Science Patrol uniforms. So cool (to 5yo me)


Yeah, Shout Factory is great for catching the various UM series.

I wish that the Blu-Rays had the English dubs, just because I grew up with them. Fortunately I had the original series on DVD, so I’ve combined the HD videos with the English dubs on my own. It’s my same complaint with the Criterion Godzilla Blu-Rays, but I don’t have the English dubs for most of those, unfortunately.


Yeah, those uniforms were the bomb.

In second grade I dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a space helmet to be an Ultra Q officer for Halloween. They didn’t have Ultraman in Idaho, though, so the kids thought I was Mork from Ork. Oh well, at least they liked my costume.


Better than this helmet.

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I just checked my MAME setup, yup, it’s in there.

But, it requires more then 1 button and coordination with the joystick so I suck at at. It is very retro though.


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