The Ultraman themed Toyota M78x86

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Why has Ultraman boobs?

Ultra persons are from another planet?

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I, for one, welcome our new mammarian overlords.



Easily memorable…

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I loved Ultraman when I was a kid. I particularly remember the episode where the team is eating in the cafeteria and Ultraman is required. Hayata sneaks out the back, runs into a clearing and:


Bonus points for this model if 1) it comes to you after using a device similar to the one Hayata is holding, and 2) a round light on the dashboard glows and beeps when it needs fuel.


It’s way too subtle! I was expecting some garish silver and red monstrosity.

TMI: I lost my virginity to Ultraman! By which I mean that my bootleg VHS of the original Japanese series happened to be playing in the background for weird ambiance.

Those are pectorals. Female Ultras existed with actual boobs

Ultraman is still widely used as a sales device here.

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It has “x86” in it. That’s very near the top of my huffman table.

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I agree, although I would settle for a keyfob that looks like the beta capsule

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