The underrated brilliance of Iron King

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The Foley work, especially on the stampeding crowds’ footsteps, is a great giggle.


Actually, it’s the goofy sidekick Goro who changes into Iron King. And he’s always thirsty afterwards. A fun twist on the expected heroics.


Meh vid until Gyro-mesu shot his rocket arm — WTF!? — at Iron King. Then it was all sweet.


It’s funny, although I’ve never seen the show, I think I had seen posters and toys for it over the years but hadn’t realized it. I just assumed they were malformed/knock-off Ultraman products. Instead, they were posters/toys for a real show which itself was the Ultraman knock-off. They took a design that owes everything to Ultraman (including the flashing chest light that indicates “time up”), and looking at some of the product art, they made it look exactly like Ultraman. I guess the tokusatsu creators weren’t particularly litigious.

It strikes me that it’s the kind of silliness also inherent in US comic books (in fact, some of the exact same silliness, which is why it made total sense that Spiderman in Japan was a tokusatsu show). The kind of things that, if you look from outside the conventions, it makes no damn sense whatsoever (because it’s conventions built on conventions, and the bit that made sense on its own was X generations of imitations back…). Now I’m wondering if someone has done a “grounded, realistic” tokusatsu show/movie in recent years that I’ve missed…


See, I was bothered by this because the rocket arm was larger than the arm of the monster man. Like Iron King has to grapple that thing with two hands. But once it reattaches it’s back to being a (relatively) normal sized arm.


But that’s what made the rest of it sweet.


In this case, it’s the eponymous Iron King, a hydro-powered robot.

So, in a couple of weeks, the eponymous Iron Rust-Bucket? :man_shrugging:

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