Thanks to the 2008 foreclosure crisis, a Kuwaiti ponzi schemer was able to single-handedly blight cities across America

I think the issue is absentee landlordism. As Cory pointed out, housing stock is qualitatively different from other investments. A house is a home & homelessness caused by out-of-control profiteering is a huge problem here.


My line of thinking was something like “greed kills people, kills cities, kills wildlife, kills trees and forests, kills opportunities for justice, clean water, habitat conservation, etc.”

A blanket statement.

So often, externalities

remain hidden, invisible, unacknowledged or worse yet intentionally obscured, because this is how late stage capitalism does its business (profitable or not).

What would happen if more people (who don’t know about the Kuwaiti ponzi schemer) were to see, or made to see, the externalities such at the topic in the OP? How many monkeys and how many typewriters and how many letters to the editor does it take to get some justice, some better banking rules, etc.?

“Maybe instead of obsessing about your perfect white wedding, you should have been paying attention to how our congress people were the loosening of banking rules?” (or words to that effect)


(I found this an interesting listen re how we distract ourselves with propaganda–romance as an ideology–in order to not contemplate scary stuff like climate change, greed-kills-moments, etc.)


I feel making it a blanket statement doesn’t drive home a strong point. Life kills. Time kills. Guns kill. Water kills.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Greed is an entirely different beast. It elevates the few above the many, at the expense of everyone – even the greedy whether they know it or not.

It’s the one “deadly sin” worshipped in the actions and deeds – if not words – of many “successful” people; even the evangelists claiming to be guiding us.

This didn’t help:

So many years of “Greed is good!” and so little proof to the contrary.

Anyway, I see your point and agree with you, but I think it needs to be more encompassing than what can fit on a bumper sticker:


No, just him, investors are presumed innocent and they got ripped off by him just like everyone else. :frowning_face:

Just came indoors for a minute to drink water and recuperate from mowing chigger-infested Texas grass.

Your graphic made me laugh out loud–thank you.
I was lucky I was not drinking at the time. Good!

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There is no such thing as “British common law”, because Scotland has a separate legal tradition.

In any case, it seems that the gentleman in question took advantage of a specific provision of New South Wales law.

In New South Wales, squatters can be awarded ownership if they have occupied a property for more than 12 years.

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Greed poisons.

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This is called adverse possession and it won’t work if you try to do it secretly. It has to be open, obvious, and clearly without permission.

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