Thanksgiving 2023 sets new record for holiday shopping

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Ohhhh but the economy is terrible says conservative media.

The sky is falling any moment now!


But credit cards…

I guess that’s something new, people buying things on credit.


WTF is she talking about… that’s not new… that’s how we did Christmas when I was a kid… mom would put stuff on lay-away part way through the year, pay it all off a bit a time, and then we got tons of stuff under the tree…


It was actually much more common in the days before ubiquitous credit cards. Nowadays it’s rare to find any store offering layaway.

Maybe stores are offering it more now because of outrageous credit card fees?


Is there a book about to come out, Home Economics with Grandma Boebert or something?


Excerpt from the book:

Pro Tip: save money on food by serving tainted sliders to your family. They won’t eat for days, saving precious food dollars in your budget.

Your TP expense might go up, so make sure you buy a bail of it at Costco.


Ah! So she’s lying! Good point!


The American right can’t allow any impression that the economy under Biden is a healthy one, especially with less than a year to go until the election.

There are shiny new Internet versions of layaway and rent-to-own now, complete with exploitative and hidden fees. Under other circumstances, conservatives love any mechanism that soaks the poor (including regular credit cards).


Sweep this under the rug they will:

The US economy grew by 5.2% in the third quarter, even faster than previously estimated


Lay away use peaked in the 60’s/70’s, but declined rapidly through the 80’s/90’s with the advent of easy consumer credit and, eventually, sub-prime credit card lending. Almost no one offers it these days, and it’s really just another form of credit. Stating it’s “up” means credit card debt is likely DOWN a similar amount, but Gropebert won’t talk about that or be honest about anything when she can simply blame Biden.

EDIT: Also important to note if it’s like 1% of the consumer credit market, now it’s 1.14%. Oh no… panic…


Is this headline a little clickbaity? Seems like the overall increase (with a decrease in brick & mortar sales) is very much on a typical, unremarkable trend like population, birth rates or purchases of milk. It’s always on an incremental rise, so the latest numbers aren’t remarkable or surprising, even if they top last years’.

When the republicans are continually telling us bidenomics is destroying the economy this news kind of pops their ballon.

The economy is doing okay.

That’s the point.


Pro Tip #2: Don’t “churn butter” in public.

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Aligned with all the hullabaloo, this seems appropriate… /s

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