That's no moon


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How do you know the Earth isn't flat?

I have the obligatory very bad feeling about this.


That’s no space station, that’s a moon!


Well if it’s not a moon,


shuffles through some paperwork…

Ah, here is the receipt for the moon camouflage paint job for this, the third fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!


Named after the icy moon’s discoverer, astronomer William Herschel, the crater stretches 86 miles (139 kilometers) wide – almost one-third of the diameter of Mimas (246 miles or 396 kilometers) itself…

Is it me? How do you get “Mimas” out of “William Herschel?”


(I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic)

The crater is named after him, but i thought the same too


What about the Bothans? Won’t someone think of the Bothans?


That’s the Universe for you, always prizing fan service over innovations in the narrative.


Do Disney’s lawyers know about this?


Bad grammar; it will make you look EVERY TIME! :wink:


This is not the Death Star you’re looking for.


Nothing to see here. I’m heading back to Alderaan. See you soon!


Wow, that’s just as funny today as it was in the early '80s. No, wait. It isn’t.


Mimas is a son of Gaia in Greek mythology. The crater is named Herschel.


Maybe SW took place in the past and this is what is left of the Death Star.


Deaf Star?




he said…:mega: