A surprise meteorite hit the moon during Monday's total lunar eclipse


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Sure it wasn’t just a Chinese tourist taking a flash shot?


HA! Everyone else said I was just seeing things.


No they didn’t. You were just hearing things.


Nobody expects a surprise meteorite!


well …


Right. That research project is discussed in the article I link to from my post.


Oh that’s right, I had read about that before and forgotten.


“Super wolf blood moon lunar eclipse meteor impact” is too long to be a good band name, sadly.


More lyric than name.


SHADO interceptor takes out an incoming saucer


I was taking photos. I saw a meteorite near the moon thought maybe this was it… but no definitely not which makes sense I don’t suppose a moon strike would have a tail.


“Lunar Eclipse Meteor Impact” could be the name of a SWBM album, though.


South Wales British Movement? Oh, Second Wave Black Metal. I didn’t know it had a second wave…
Hmm, surely “blood” and “wolf” would be in there, too? Or is that more first wave?


“Football-sized meteorite”, huh. Does anyone know where Tom Brady was at the time?


Nope. There’s not a sufficient atmosphere on the moon to cause incandescence.



Yeah, it is more of a Type-O Negative track name.


So. Touchdown?


Somewhat tangential, but I was watching this the other day:

…which raised a few points.

  1. As well as the famous Straits, Magellan also has a few galaxies and a pair of moon craters named after him.

  2. Magellan was a douche.

So, I had a thought:

Any chance we can get this new crater named after Lapu-Lapu?