'Blood moon' lunar eclipse may or may not signal end times; watch it online with NASA tonight




I always loved thinking about why the moon is red during an eclipse:

During an eclipse of the moon, from the moon’s perspective, we’re eclipsing the sun. Much like when we look at the son during a solar eclipse, an astronaut on the moon wouldn’t just see a black disk – they’d see the sun shining from behind the earth.

But, unlike the moon, we have an atmosphere, one known for creating brilliant sunrises and sunsets. And, in fact, this is what our astronaut on the moon would be seeing: surrounding the Earth, all the sunrises and all the sunsets in the world, in one thin, giant ring of fire, casting its red light on the moon.


Watch the eclipse… online? Maybe if it’s cloudy, but what a strange idea.


You will have 3 more chances in the near future if you miss this one – next one is in October…


Cut it out there, Lovecraft, you’re freaking me out!


Whenever there’s anything interesting happening in the sky above me, it’s inevitably cloudy. This time it was raining (possibly freezing rain).


So this is why White Wolf was doing all those World of Darkness 20th anniversary editions…

I could even see it here in the middle of the city (central Phoenix)! It was really cool. It’s also really cool seeing so many people get excited over it. My Facebook feed is all about the moon right now and it’s pretty awesome.

…And not a single ginger werewolf has been reported. I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

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And 2:00am on a work/school night.

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Well, the sky was too busy SNOWING IN FUCKING APRIL here for me to see it, so an opportunity to see it online was my only option. But I was too busy sleeping at that ungodly hour any way.


Well my 2am “Welcome Back Dagon” (cue Welcome Back Kotter music) party sure was a bust. Thats the last time I rely on evangelicals for end of world advice… /sigh.

I’m in the same boat as WearySky. We got 4" of snow last night after at least a quarter inch of rain. No cool effin’ live sky show for Michigan.

[edit] On the bright side, we Hulksmashed the snowiest recorded winter with our new total of 97" (old record was 89", set 133 years ago.)

Yup. We spent yesterday with rain, which in the late afternoon turned to wet snow plus hail, and then finally fluffy snow in the evening and through the night. I had to pull out the scraper brush to clean off the car this morning. In mid-April.

But hey, there’s no such thing as climate change, right? :wink:

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Next time, could you possibly notify us BEFORE the eclipse, rather than after? My time machine is in the shop just now…

Both crenquis’ post and the OP were written before the eclipse. I am confuse.

This item may well have appeared somewhere, on somebody else’s computer, before the eclipse; I couldn’t say. But I can assure you that here, it first appeared in my In Box at 10:13 AM PST this morning, several hours AFTER the eclipse. I’d love to know why other people got today’s Boing-Boing roundup before that, and I didn’t. Can anyone explain this?

I have no idea what the Boing Boing roundup is. I’m guessing it’s some sort of daily email blast of all the posts for a given day? At any rate, this story was posted to the site (and appeared in my RSS reader) at 4:07pm (or thereabouts) yesterday. I have no idea how the roundup works, but it sounds like it doesn’t send out with enough frequency to catch things like this.

A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses - NASA Science

Mark the next three on your calendar:

The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, will be followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015.
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