The 10 most controversial Lego sets of all time

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let me know which was #1. i could not get through this performance.


I tend to play these things with subtitles on and at 1.5 to 2 x speed. It helps to get through what is otherwise likely to bring on rage and despair. Plus this one had chapters so it was easy to skip through.


wow sorry i asked.


number 1 was a surprise. i’ve never heard of it, and can’t believe it actually was a thing.

I’m glad that they recognized the radical copaganda they’ve embraced lately. Three years ago we got the Littlest Pea his first advent set. It was sweet and pastoral with snowball fights, cookies… the sort of thing you’d expect for Christmas. Definitely depicting an idealized, Euro-centric version of Christmas, but at least it was thematically recognizable. The 2020 City Advent Calendar was a horror show. It was an urban grimdark crimescape replete with a bank to rob, a police station to throw perps in, handcuffs and dynamite (!!!). Apparently, according to reviews (which are now apparently disabled), they were promoting their latest animated show’s plot, but i has to spend a month explaining why everyone looked angry, making up stories about why they would have dynamite and sacks of cash and why Santa was an undercover cop. I know they probably design the sets at least a year in advance, but the timing and content couldn’t have been more tone-deaf.

Also, it would be so awesome to have an “urban” set that doesn’t promote violence. I mean, Sesame Street did it 50 years ago.


Ryan Newman Yes GIF by Alexander IRL


How about the Lego Sesame Streeet, that work? :slight_smile:


That’s on his birthday list!

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Regarding the Mr. Gold minifig controversy (at 9:01), where it intentionally created a rarity and then regretted it: why didn’t they just produce additional Mr. Gold minifigs to make them just as numerous? Or were they scared of the further controversy that would result from all the collectors that did pay $5000+ to obtain them when they were rare?

These days, I even so that with John Oliver.

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