The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987


I’m tempted to read this is if only to see where some of my old Intellivision games rank. Ah, Intellivision, the console that had better graphics but games no one wanted to play.

Given that the average gamer is 31 years old (or 34, depending who you ask), this seems unlikely to be true.

Having said that, it is disturbing to meet people working in the games industry who had not been born when Quake was released.


It seems to me there would be strikingly little in this book that has not already been said over and over again a countless number of times.

Most gamers, sure. But, those are not the ones you tend to meet up with online; the folks who play the most online on Live/PSN, etc. are more like 18-25 years old because they have the luxury of jobs to pay for the games, and a lot more time on their hands than older or younger gamers.

Really, there’s a huge demographic shift underway among gamers, depending on what you consider to be a “gamer”. Adding in casual/mobile games into the mix, the 40+ female demographic is among the fastest growing.

I think I will live to see the day where I get pwned by a granny in a FPS, and that’s not a bad thing.

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