The 2017 Locus List: a must-read list of the best science fiction and fantasy of the past year

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A new level of déja-vu! LOL

(nevermind, it has now been fixed)

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I must say, ‘The Collapsing Empire’ narrated on Audible by none other than Mr. Wil Wheaton was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in my quest to read as much Sci Fi as I can. In fact, if Wil narrates a book, I will buy it. They just sound perfect coming from him. Even Armada, not my favorite book, was great when read by him. But with Scalsi’s Collapsing Empire, I really think he’s onto something exciting and somewhat original and I can’t wait for more in that series.

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i can heartily recommend Yoon Ha Lee to anyone who’s missing Iain Banks.

Congratulations @doctorow, your work certainly belongs on the list!

I’ve really enjoyed every one of his audiobook readings that I’ve listened to, as well.

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I think Wil Wheaton was an exceptionally good choice for the narration of Red Shirts, for obvious reasons.

That’s one I have not listened to yet because I already had read the book, but yeah, the irony of him reading that one is not lost on me. I think I’ll check it out.

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