The 5 weirdest moons in 5 minutes


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I like this kind of video but I’m a terrible person so I have to ask this question: When did people start dropping "T"s from words? When did “Titan” become “Ti-ehn”. I’m hearing it a lot - “lighten” becomes “li-ehn”… etc. Anyone else notice this? I hear news reporters doing this and it annoys me.


Ok. The thing that’s annoying me is the “glottal stop”. She’s not saying “Tigh’en”, where you gloss over the dropped t, it’s “Tigh-(stop)-in” with a sharp stop before the dropped t. Not so simple as dropping the t in “fasten” but more of a full stop at the dropped t like when you say “uh-oh” where there’s a full stop between the two utterances.

Nothing to see here… move along.


There’s something about her whole presentation that feels “off” to me, like she’s trying too hard to be hip and quirky because she doesn’t think people will be interested without all the bells and whistles.


I’ve known about the planets for as long as I can remember, but the moons continue to feel new and mysterious.


That’s very common in Philadelphia, where I lived not long ago. It’s quite rare in Ohio, where I live today. So I think it’s a regional thing.


Sad Moon…

Was expecting something a bit more voyeuristic.


I was starting to feel left out until the last few seconds :blush:




I always thought that was Mexican food.



I always thought that was a tiny breed of dog.

:tomato: Hate the Chef, love the Condiments :hotdog:

It is. That’s what the food is made of.


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