The Alpinist is an astonishing documentary about a man who pushed the limits of mountain climbing

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Mountaineer? Mountaineer [looks it up in the dictionary] where the devil are they, mound, mount… mountain… a mountaineer: ‘two men skilled in climbing mountains’. Jolly good, well you’re in. Congratulations, both of you. Well, er, what are your names?


Crazy. I top rope climb in a gym and still get scared when I fall (harmlessly) I couldn’t imagine free climbing like that. You don’t get to make two mistakes.


How is this relative to Free Solo (2018)?

These people tend not to live very long. This game of ghosts is a sobering discussion of being part of that community.


Sadly, he died on Mendenhall Towers in Juneau, along with Ryan Johnson, a local climber. Neither body has been recovered. Ryan was a super nice guy, well liked around here.


Sad, but I bet they really squeezed the “living” out of life while they were here.

Even Alex Hannold says this guy was nuts.


Wow! That’s saying something. I remember walking out of Free Solo thinking: that was REALLY cool. Too bad he’ll be dead soon.


I watched Free Solo 2-3 times. This one I don’t think I could watch again, and even had to pause it for my own intermission breaks a few times. A bit too intense for me.


Indeed! That’s why I asked! It blew my mind that his girlfriend was there, knowing the whole time he was one tiny mistake away from … well…

The Tommy Caldwell quote in Free Solo was so apt: “Imagine an Olympic-gold-medal-level athletic achievement that, if you don’t get that gold medal, you’re gonna die.


No one to share a drink with afterwards or share body heat with?

Same here.

Starkly different terrain and technique… Honnold explains in this film how his rock medium is permanent and not nearly as ever-changing as an ice face… i’m also not sure whether Honnold climbs onsight (without planned routes or research) nearly as much as Leclerc. i really dug this film and was completely captivated and moved by this young man’s story.

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I wish I hadn’t read this comment before I watched the movie last night. Not knowing this spoiler would have had a bigger impact.

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