The ancient world's greatest board games

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The history of games and gaming is always fascinating. Don’t forget that any time you throw dice you are engaged in the remnant of an ancient divination tradition, and you might as well have a bunch of animal bones in your hand.



I mean, who hasn’t played a pitched round of Monopoly where you want to kill someone by the end?

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That is a gorgeous Senet board, as is the other FTA.

I wish I had at least one game that was nearly as classy.

I figured that Risk was aptly named, for the same reason.

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Obligatory “Go is thousands of years old” post.

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It’s a wonderfully casual game: Extremely easy to teach, fast-paced, kind of self-balancing towards the end.
Can be played here against a computer opponent:

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Those can’t be the original pieces. Those shaped like ‘sorry’ tokens would be in someone’s foot by now.

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