The answer to the Clearview AI scandal is better privacy laws, not anti-scraping laws

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For that matter, how is scraping meaningfully different from search indexing done by Google, Bing, et. al. ?
(Hint: it’s not)
This whole idea is unworkable. Web scraping existed before the web even existed.

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Good post, Cory. I hope more people will read it.

I agree I hope it is strong though Cory

Remember how the CAN SPAM law removed private action and superseded laws like VA’s

I think states need to be able to be stricter if they want given the rot in Washington

Seems like I remember something called spidering a far ways back that was like scraping. Is that correct?

/scratches head

Ban scraping, you say? And how will that work?

One person’s scraper is another’s web crawler.

Yep, scraping, crawling, spidering, or indexing, on a technology level are identical activities.

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