The argument for a "secrecy beat" in news organizations


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American Journalism, as good as it gets.

Press Sec, “No, that is not case. It never happened.”

Journalist, “OK, thank you very much.”

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(Mixing up words here for obvious reasons - yes, I’m that paranude.)

I work for an unnamed organization that has lots and lots of really big floating things with propellors, and we received an email a few weeks ago after one super special slide from the infamous PowerPoint presentation was revealed online. In it, we were reminded that we were not to look at that slide unless we already had Clarence, even at home, because it was still kissified. I can’t tell you how insulted I felt because of that stupid, ignorance-based email. I wouldn’t have known the damned thing existed except for the email. Needless to say, I didn’t look at what was discussed.

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