Attempts by UK, US govs to suppress reporting on NSA not working out so great



Accomplish nothing? Hey, all that ill will and foreboding is priceless.

Seems crazy to me that these “Western Democrocies”, are doing all they can to decrypt, scan and store every last bit of commincation between everyone on the planet - and then asking these news organizations to not say anything about it.

I would say it sounds Nazi, or Soviet Union, or 1984, or something. But jesus fucking christ - it is WAY beyond any of those.

The day that these governments learned about the streisand effect.

One the plus side, we don’t have to pretend to be a free society anymore. So there’s that.

That’s what I find so odd about this situation. All this time digging around on the internet and the NSA still doesn’t know what the Streisand Effect even is. Facepalm worthy, this.

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