Jacob Appelbaum on Americans' false belief that the NSA isn't targeting them



It is a freaking conspiracy theory that large corporations and government are conspiring (and filming fake moon landings) to make our lives happier and better.

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Assuming you’re not a minority or a holder of a minority opinion. It’s not working out so great for them.

To be clear, the text attributed to me there is from the Youtube page and by the person that put the video up. I didn’t write it! I needed to put text in when I suggested the link and that text covered the video well!

From the same conference and also good.

“Christopher Soghoian - Governments Subvert Trust”

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What’s worse is that reporters, even national security reporters, don’t act as if they know they are under surveillance, that virtually all electronic communications are captured and monitored by the NSA and other government agencies. They can report the story but they can’t believe the facts enough to act on them.

Video embed no longer works. Sadly youtube says that but does not offer a link to watch the video on youtube…

Well, when I try to play it, it is says embedding is diabled and then “Watch this video on Youtube” as this link.

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