NSA uses Google's tracking cookies to target and "exploit" their subjects


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Ghostery is my friend. It can be your friend too.

Surely “HAPPYFOOT” should have targeted Linux systems. The Geek is weak in the NSA.

How come Bullrun and Edgehill are both named after major Civil War battles? I thought codenames were selected randomly to avoid giving away any info about the named projected. Bullrun and Edgehill imply a similarity of purpose.

Who is to say that it isn’t compromised too? I use it, but I doubt that it is a rock solid shield against spying, since it is an add-on to a browser.

Look, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that nothing can stop the instrument of the state from intruding into your affairs but the vigilance of the people. At the end of the day, I accept that for all of my skills and tools, I’m no match for the immense resources of the NSA. That’s what I call the scary part. It’s not unreasonable, however, to provide people with tools that may (and it’s always been “may” long before NSA-gate) help them.

Here’s the thing, and say it with me, “There is no rock-solid shield against spying.” Never has been, never will be. It doesn’t make it right, but it is the reality of the world in which we live. Don’t like it? By all means, fight the good fight- lord knows I’ll back you up.


Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I guess one day I’d like it if someone could prove me wrong with a program that actually protects privacy.

Here’s a better idea: someone at Google needs to post the NSLs and force the government to prosecute. Only when NSLs are tried in court can they be overturned on 1st Amendment grounds. I hope there is someone brave enough. And Google needs to use every legal resource they have as a multi-billion dollar corporation to obfuscate and interfere with this program. They need to intentionally give corrupted data. They need to delay giving information. They need to be a nuisance in every aspect possible (tow the cars of NSA employees, give the data in font too small to read, ‘lose’ the NSLs and request copies in rooms with streaming webcams, etc.).

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These are rather internal project names no one outside the Stasi NSA should ever stumble upon than code names for operations involving outside communications that might get compromised.
Also, the guy who makes up the cool acronyms was sick.


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