More on the NSA's weird, deceptive, indefensible definition of "targeted surveillance"


So, how long is it going to be before we learn that the NSA has ‘Fred the not-surveilled hermit’ living the mountain backcountry somewhere, and “Targeted” means ‘all communications that aren’t Fred’. Another couple of weeks?

The NSA and others are targeting US citizens communication like allied forces targeted Dresdend.

The hubris to accept its intercepting international communications too and discard it as if it was nothing is just too much. Other countries representatives should start organising summits.

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that if we wish to object to these practices in a practical way, then a well thought out lorem ipsum generator used as an add-on to insert loaded search terms into any and all emails would be useful in rendering the NSA’s nefarious privacy violations rather useless. If everyone’s email is suspect, then no one’s email is suspect. After all - they can’t persecute all of us! Bounce that puppy off enough servers during delivery, then pick a worldwide go-date to enable the add-on, and they can earn their paychecks trying to figure out where it started, and good luck to them. If they’re going to take my tax dollars and waste them anyway, I’d be cool with wasting them on this, lol.

OMG - who thought there might come a time when we might need to install viruses and malware on our own machines in order to thwart rogue National Security threats? I admit I didn’t see that one coming!

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[quote=“AliceWeir, post:5, topic:6782”]a well thought out lorem ipsum generator used as an add-on to insert loaded search terms into any and all emails

Hey, that actually sounds good. Let’s do it!

Well, let’s see if the idea draws some more support here. If it’s a good enough, idea that will happen.

I can see some technical challenges, but nothing impossible. Simplicity is always best. I do like the idea of combating unconstitutional restrictions on our privacy and free speech with lots and lots more of that very speech though. That an entire email service has been shuttered due to FBI bullying and unlawful restrictions on the very target’s right to respond openly belies every claim of upporting small business. And, it pretty much says to me that the best response would be to widely disperse their targets for them. If ‘everybody’s doing it’, it becomes a meme - and no government agency on earth is powerful enough to kill a straw man…I mean, meme, lol! (I can haz free speech?)

So, we don’t declare a protest, we don’t declare a war, we don’t even drive ourselves nuts trying to tighten up and secure our every word we speak or type. We merely declare lots and lots of meaningless, chattery speech the happy and popular American pastime it has always been, and do even more of it in a show of patriotic enthusiasm. I note that the government tries clumsily to promote and redirect the idle chatter and gossip it prefers (a la presidents on talk shows). But no political body or government agency in all of human history has EVER managed to successfully combat the very existence and popularity of idle chatter and gossip. Why, their own mothers (and even Sports Talk) would have their heads over it, lol!

360 million + chatterboxes can’t be wrong! I think both Ghandi and Bruce Lee would approve, along with the Founding Fathers. There may be legal precedent against yelling ‘fire!’ in a crowded theatre, but there is absolutely no law against the word ‘fire’ itself, or against discussing theatres that catch fire. It’s…kind of like bra-burning. They’re our undies, we can trash them if we like. And what are they gonna do about it? In fact, I think discussing such countermeasures right out in front of God and everybody is PRECISELY the right approach. There is nothing to be ashamed of here!

Happy Benghazi Hussein Feinstein, everyone! Keep your Feinsteins locked and loaded, and maintain high-alert DefCon jiggle-jaggle. Expect an MI-6 panty raid with heavily encrypted embassy moles and zits to 364e927tbft5249n63765ee265g821k9 a US lorem and deliver several metric particles of ipsum-6 WMD’s right up its Clapper. Stand by for long range Assange Verizon on the designated political targets via multiple Hamas tinkleflickers with Khazak near douche-30. Countdown begins.

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