Hot newly revitalized dev trend: NSA-proof email


Somewhat related. NSA and CIA have been known for hacking routers and switches as a way to intercept and snoop on internet traffic and communications from specific targets. While 99% of anyone has nothing to worry about such a thing, since its such a targeted attack, i’d say secure email is only the beginning on what needs to be done to regain our digital and personal privacy.

We’ve needed a replacement for SMTP ever since Endless September made spam profitable. Something both secure and non-repudiable, running in parallel with SMTP so a single client could handle both, would be absolutely delightful. If paranoia gets us there, I’ll regretfully stop challenging the paranoia.

It’s an unworthy thought, but how are consumers of such services to rid themselves of the idea of the possibility that a reason people might set up such a service is to attract NSA funding to buy complicity in selling their customers’ privacy down the river? If you’re paranoid, you’re paranoid.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the NSA was itself covertly developing an “NSA-proof” public email service. What better way to catch flies than to lure them right into your web?

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I’m very much afraid that part of the answer is going to require recognizing that there is not a valid expectation of privacy in public places, and clearly defining what is and isn’t “public” on line. We’ve been sloppy about that.

Yes and no. On the one hand, if you rob the liquor store, don’t put photos of the benjamins on your facebook.

But that doesn’t change the fact our governments are violating the law and our civil rights. As a citizen of a putative democracy, I want accountability. I want to be presumed innocent again.

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