Exciting progress towards surveillance-resistant email



Persecuted! My goodness, was he thrown to the lions? Crucified upside-down?

Hi, this is Bob over at the NSA. Your new code is lots of fun. We’ve already written firmware for the mail servers that’ll decrypt the sender and receiver’s names&addresses, but thanks for playing.
(you know that’s happening)

They’re taking donations, by the way:

See “donate” link near bottom of text here:


Direct PayPal link

He was robbed of his livelihood via persistent Federal Government harassment. Certainly seems to fit the dictionary definition of “persecuted”.


I agree about Levison, I’m just quibbling over the word “persecution.” I’m that one guy that always points out that a “tragedy” is a kind of stage play, not a mudslide or whatever. It’s a slow day at work.

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It’s almost like language is immutable.

They’re hardly the only ones out there developing firmware. These same efforts probably allow their own systems to be compromised the same way.

It would be foolish to take for granted the physical security of the machines you run encryption software upon, but the use of modern network services have led people to do just that.

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