After shutting down to protect user privacy, Lavabit rises from the dead


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Welcome back!


this new architecture will also cut down on support costs.


While I believe this is a legitimate effort, the skeptic in me is saying, “That’s exactly what a three-letter-agency would do to entice people into revealing all that.”


Already moved to protonmail, otherwise sounds promising.


Having the server source open-source (like with whisper systems) is an important step.


It’s not a bad thing, but the reassurance it provides is extremely tenuous in a situation like this. You have no way to know if the published source corresponds to what’s running on the server. There could be a string of independent audits praising the security of the published code, while the real source is full of files like forward_plaintext_to_nsa.cpp.

I’m not saying it’s not worth using “secure” mail services, because even if there’s only a 10% chance they’re really resisting surveillance, that’s 10% more than you had otherwise. But it’s important to recognise that without end-to-end encryption, you only have your ISP’s word to go on.


Redundancy doesn’t hurt though.


There’s always


Hadn’t seen it…

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